Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yokohama: Yamashita Koen (Park)

After checking out the Y150 site and Docks area we moved down to where we had accommodation for the evening at the Hotel Monterey which overlooked the Yamashita Park from across the street and was only a block away from Yokohama ChinaTown. This area is traditionally Yokohama's sightseeing district and at the heart of it is Yamashita Park on the shorefront.

You can see the Hotel Monterey in the background

All of us in front of the fountain donated by the city of San Diego as a sign of peace and tranquility with the goddess of water as the center piece.

Moored alongside the park is the 'HIKAWA MARU', a retired passenger liner that used to ply the pacific route.

At night it looked great all lit up like a X'mas tree

The Marine Tower, a relic from the early days of Japanese tourism, stands at 106m and holds the Guiness World Record for being the tallest lighthouse in the world

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