Tuesday, July 28, 2009


That time of the year again!!

Headed off to immigration today. Tons of people!!!! We were a little late getting away from home so that meant we spent about 4-5 hours (incl. a 1 hour lunch break) waiting!!!

I now have my new visa (3 year extension, yay!) and put in my application for a Permanent Residence Visa which is required by banks and so on for loans, etc. The base requirement for this is either to have been married 3 years or lived in Japan continuously for 10 years which is why I haven't applied for it earlier. I still need to get some more papers from City Office and send them off, but the process is underway!!! It is expected to take anywhere from 3 months to a year so I guess we just wait and see....

We swung by Costco in Makuhari for a little grocery shopping. While there we ran into friends, Junji and Momoko, and picked up a few treats. (Dad, thinking of you when we bought the Soy Milk)

Then we went to the movies and saw "Harry Potter" where we also ran into people we know, Jesse and his wife who comes out to cover teach sometimes.

It's a small world!! Even here in Japan with 129,000,000 people!!!!


David said...

Where was the Immigration office? Tokyo?

J said...

Not far from where you turn off the highway to head to narita (Chiba).