Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lay Days

We came back from Kamakura via the ferry service from Kurihama~Kanaya.

Luckily for Dad we were able to catch a glimpse of Mt Fuji through the clouds on the way. The ferry ride was a little windy and there was a south swell running up Tokyo Bay which made it interesting. Then for me it was straight to work. Fortunately I managed to grab a quick nap beforehand to keep the energy levels up.

Tuesday afternoon, dad took the bike for a spin around the block and orientated himself again after his last visit here. He snapped a nice shot of the beach to prove that the sun did actually come out while he was here.

Then, on Wednesday after work, we dined at JuJu (an Okonmiyaki restaurant). Dad had been pining for it since his last visit. It was good fun as we sat around our "teppan" (hotplate) armed with spatulas to flip our shrimp, squid and kimchi savory Japanese pancakes which went down a treat.

Not too many beers though as it was an early start the next morning as we headed off to Nikko...

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David said...

Fuji really is magnificient, isn't it!