Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Blog


A variety of factors have lead to me trying a different tack this year. It's been great using the Blogger format. Being able to do all this for free and learn a bit about 'how things tick' has been great. It's made it easier for friends and family in faraway places to keep up with what's been going on in my life.

Anyhow, a choice has been made and I've decided to set things up on 'wordpress'. So jump on board and see what's going on!

Follow the link HERE to go on over and check it out and reset your bookmarks!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Hope this reaches everyone in festive spirits. All the best for the New Year from Aiko and Me.

p.s. Stay tuned for a renewed look to the blog for 2012!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Indian Summer Pension Kayak Tours

 Monday was another beautiful day here with hardly a breath of wind and clear blue skies. One problem...No Surf!! I decided that once I'd got around to cleaning the house, washing the clothes and bedding and getting the kitchen in order, that I'd borrow a SUP board and take it up to the lakes in the hills behind Kamogawa for a paddle. Just as I was finishing up, Hiroshi "Indiana Jones" Nakazawa from Indian Summer Pension in Kamogawa called and asked if I was keen to paddle some kayaks and check out the autumn leaves. I had no hesitation accepting his kind offer and gave another friend, Sei, a call to join us.
 Hiroshi, Indian Summer Pension owner and Kayak Tour Guide.
 Sei and I on the double kayak setting off on our adventure.
 Gorgeous colours reflecting on the water.
 A nice little waterfall and the end of the road. Time to turn around.

 Hiroshi leading the way.
 A fisherman trying his luck as he hunts for Black Bass with a Torii in the background.

The view from Indian Summer Pension in Kamogawa as the sunsets and brings to a close a magic day. Thanks Hiroshi-san!!!!

For anyone interested in taking his tours, they're very competitively priced, especially for 2 or 3 people. You can contact him HERE for details or follow the link to the right on my blog.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sayonara Indian Summer Weather!

This autumn has been a long warm one and the water temps are still pretty warm. November 30th capped off a gorgeous Indian Summer with a few people out enjoying the weather and waves.
 Pro surfers and shapers, Junji Sonoda (JS Surfboards) and Yoshinori Matsuyama (aka. Yocci) enjoying the warmth.
 Toshizou-san, amateur cameraman capturing the moment.
 Mizue Oguri (Rulzpeeps), Pro long boarder caught a couple of fun ones on her day off.
 Yocci, stylish as always, climbing the foam on the closeout section making it look easy.

December 1st is decidedly colder!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Autumn Monday

 Aiko made a special 'lei' for Mizue to celebrate her great accomplishment! Onward and upward from here Mizue-chan!!! Good luck for the 2012 season!!
 Sei and Aiko
 Aiko and I don't have many "couple shots" as one of us is usually taking the picture. Thanks Sei for taking this.
 Autumn leaves are just starting to change colour. In another week or so the colours will be even brighter. It's a beautiful time of the year to go up into the hills surrounding Kamogawa.

 Beauty lies in even the smallest of things. You just need to keep an eye open and explore!
 Sunset driving back into Kamogawa
 Shore break reflecting some of the last rays of sunshine for the day.
 A rare shot of me in jeans. I've had these jeans foe about 15 years!!!! They still look kind of new. Hahaha
Kamogawa sunset.

Kamogawa Surfers Representing

It's been a successful last month or so for Kamogawa surfers in domestic contests. Masato Watanabe took honours in the Volcom Sashimi Series Event held in Kamogawa with three locals in the Final. 
1位 渡辺将人 Masato Watanabe(VOLCOM)
2位 北浦 俵太 Hyota Kitaura
3位 ホプトン・スミス Hoptong Smith
4位 中浦章 Akira Nakaura
Miho Ihara had a great season on the Women's JPSA Short board Tour and was recently crowned Grand Champion. Also deserving mention are Hiroe Tahara (4th) and Rina Kitazawa (6th). 

In the Men's JPSA, a couple of young guys got their Pro Licences (Aoi and Hiroki) and the rest of the boys put in consistent performances throughout the season to secure good seeds for next year.

On the Long Board scene, Yocci won an event @ Niijima and Hiromichi placed 3rd. 

Mizue Oguri placed 2nd in an ASP WLT event held in Miyazaki and the got her Pro License @ Keramas in Bali at the last JPSA Event of the Year. 
 Congratulations EVERYONE!

鴨川ブルーム User's Meet 2011

After a false start back in early October due to unfavourable conditions, we were blessed with swell and sunshine. The waves were actually a little too big for a lot of the competitors who were restricted to surfing the inside reforms (as getting out the back took a bit of skill and luck at times). Lots of smiles and happy people made for successful day. Big thanks to Maki @ Surfshop Bloom in Kamogawa for all the hard work to make the event possible. Also, to all the volunteers offering their time to help set up, judge, MC, serve food, hand out singlets, keep time, take photos and calculate scores as well as all the sponsors for the prizes...THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
 A beautiful warm sunny day @ Seaside (Maebara Beach) Kamogawa.
 Jackie, Moriko and Aya had fun despite the challenging conditions.
 A wave in the Men's Semi Final allowing me to make the final. (photos above and below by Toshizou)
Me relaxing between Short Board A heats, Long Board A heats and Judging heats. I think I bit off more than I could chew. I was so drained I couldn't even get a wave in the Short Final. Getting old. Hahahaha

Longboard Final.
 Long Board A Finalists. Congratulations KIO-kun!!!
Short Board A Finalists. Congratulations PAPA-san!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

千倉の Indy's PIZZA

It seems I've been eating a lot recently. Maybe it's the cooler weather or something. I'm not sure.
Anyway, last Sunday when Tokyo friend Hiroco (website HERE) was out visiting, we went for a drive down to the best pizza joint round here, Indy's Pizza in Chikura.
We ordered a bunch of pizzas and I can honestly say they were all fantastic. While the Teriyaki Chicken Pizza took pole for me, it was the consensus of the group that the Shirasu Pizza was #1. Can't wait to go back!!
 Shirasu Pizza
 Spicy Chili Beans Pizza (NEW)
Negi Avocado Pizza


An American hamburger chain, selling Korean burgers in Japan that use beef sourced from Australia and New Zealand. Tastes good enough despite the burger looking nothing like the one in the commercial. Definitely recommend the 'double' as the patties are paper thin.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Birthday @ Kids in 鴨川

To celebrate my wife's birthday, we went out for dinner at 'Italian Restaurant Kids' in Kamogawa with good friend Sei. The food was delicious! We had a couple of pizzas and a salad to get into the swing of things, then ordered this chicken dish!
It really hit the spot (so much so that we tried to emulate the dish a few days later in the comfort of our home and with some success I might say! Good Job SEI!!).
To wrap up the occasion we ordered desserts, a rarity for me when I dine out, but a good way to top off a fine meal.

Thank you to all the staff for making it such an enjoyable evening.

Lunch 11:30~15:30
Dinner 17:00〜24:00
(Food Last Order 21:30)