Friday, September 23, 2011

Great Memories

LNF: Alex Smith in SUMBAWA! from on Vimeo.

My first overseas surf trip was to Indo and I spent a month hanging at Lakeys Peak in Sumbawa with some great friends, Zane, Andy, Pierre, Dave and Rich. Also met some great people along the way including a very young Timmy Turner, his mates and chaperon/cameraman who were classic for laughs and ripping groms. That wave at the start of this video is still one of my favourite fun waves to surf! It looks just like it did back in 98! The only difference is that we had to walk around the bay to get there (in the hot sun) instead of taking the boat that runs now or riding bikes...but it was always well worth it! Great memories...


With an eye to getting a new board shaped, I've started doing some research. Just like buying a car, it gives you more confidence in your choice if you've test ridden a model first and get a grasp of what all the small/big differences in design offer a boards performance.
OFUCHI (shaper) from GRACE SURFBOARDS here in KAMOGAWA was kind enough to let me borrow and ride his new 'SUPER FREAK' model. The board was really fun to ride, quick and easy to turn and able to nose ride.
TOSHIZOU san was down at the beach taking photos in the morning and captured these shots.