Monday, July 6, 2009

B'Ball & Darts

Had a pretty fun weekend with the "Annual Minami-Boso Basketball Tournament" with teams from the lower half of the Chiba peninsula. We usually do quite well but this year the "O-sans" struggled a bit and fell just short in both games.
The "O" is derived from Oji-san meaning old man. All of us are at least 30. I think I might be the youngest at 34.
Good times and played in a fun spirit which was nice. Two years ago someone tried to level the playing field, elbowing me in the ribs resulting in a cracked rib!!and one pissed off kiwi!! Luckily there was no such repeat and in fact, I got through two games without conceding a single foul despite being hacked a few times. Very controlled of me (hahahaha).

Following that Dave had some friends over for lunch/dinner and we busted out the darts!!! The last time I played seriously was way back in the lunch breaks at Arborline. I was a bit rusty and there was some fun heckling going on.

I think I'll have to work on my game(s)

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