Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yokohama: Y150 and Docks

Despite 'Rainy Season' being in full swing, we managed to walk around and take in quite a bit. Yokohama, with a population of 3.4 million, is in the midst of celebrating 150 years of history which it is marking with a special Y150 site.

It was nothing more than mud flats when it first opened to foreign trade in 1858. Nowadays it's port facilities are complemented by massive steel-making, automobile, oil-refining and chemical industries.

With superb rail connections and proximity to both Tokyo and the sea, as well as international associations through the port, it has been bestowed with a certain cosmopolitan sheen making it both popular with sightseers and shoppers alike who often see it as a leading fashion center.

The Y150 site has various displays of modern technology and stage shows entertaining the visitors. The gigantic robotic spider was particularly eye catching.

I imagine it would have been that much more impressive though had the weather been cooperative. Maybe next time...

Aiko's mum, Masako, joined us from Osaka. (another surprise)

Dad and I

Aka Renga, the red brick warehouses on the docks where silk was traded

Grand old sailing ship now doing harbour cruises

Cosmo World amusement park and the huge Cosmo Clock ferris wheel standing tall at 105m!

Dad, just taking it all in on the waterfront

The gigantic robotic spider requiring 6 'pilots' to simulate realistic movement

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David said...

This trip was great. I really liked the Yokohama waterfront downtown where these pics were taken - lovely promenade and park.

And travelling through the 9km tunnel under Tokyo Bay to get there was quite an experience in itself for a country-town boy like me.