Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yokohama: ChinaTown

ChinaTown, or Chukagai as it is called in Japanese, is just a block back from the Yamashita Koen. It is extremely well-known and came highly recommended as a place worth poking-around in and eating at. The tiny streets, usually brimming with tourists ogling the over-the-top store and restaurant facades and unique window displays and goods, were a little less congested than normal due to the inclement weather. However, it eased off in the evening and we were able to just cruise around and check things out at our own pace.

We did however get burned by the whole dinner experience and perhaps I should have read-up in the travel guides which suggested that despite "food being the main attraction", "prices were high and visitors often left disappointed as the cuisine is no match for either Hong Kong (which I loved) and New York".

Anyway, what can you do? We still had a great time.

One of the highly decorated and colourful Entrance Gates near our hotel.

Interesting little side streets with lots of little stores and restaurants.

Mmmm, not really what I feel like for dinner....keep looking.

Peking Duck was obviously the specialty but was out of our budget.

I had some of these little dumplings when I went to Hong Kong several years ago. They RULE!!! I can't remember what they are called, so if anyone out there does, please let me know via the 'comment'. They were steamed with little meat balls inside with a kind of soupy sauce. Mmmm, delicious! I could eat them all day!

The Kantei-byo, a Chinese temple situated in the heart of the district.

An old fella was parked up in front of it offering to take tourists photos and he began recalling his visits to NZ ports as a shiphand. He thought Christchurch was awfully small, but I think he must have had it mistaken for Lyttleton because he thought Nelson was much bigger. (at least i think that's what he Japanese is still not that good)

Long day but still managing a smile.


David said...

Amazing amount of gilt on the shrines and gates. Gold and red predominated.

The dumplings are called 'pau' (in Malay, I think or possibly Mandarin - hopefully someone else will know for sure) - I remember them from my year in Sarawak, and I can remember being equally keen on them, and buying them from street vendors who served them nice and hot.

J said...

Thanks dad.

deki said...

They're called SHOROMPO in Chinese.

J said...

That rings a bell. Cheers mate.

Liz said...

Another place to go to when we can next visit. Hopefully the Shorompo/Pau will be just as good in a few years!

J said...

yeah for sure Liz. Just give me a bit of warning first. one surprise i can handle, but five?????