Monday, July 13, 2009

Beach BBQ with Oysters and Paua!!

Yesterday, in front of Bloom Surf Shop, we had a BBQ to celebrate Kayo's and Ko-chan's wedding (See Sea Festa entry).

Ponta hooked us up with a bunch of oysters from his grandmother up in Hokkaido. They were great straight up and cooked on the BBQ!

I look forward to them every year!!!

Then Naoki went snorkling and brought back a couple of black "awabi" (paua in NZ) and a few "sazai" (turban shells??), shown here by Ko-chan, that went down a treat with everyone!!

So "ono" as they say in Hawaii.

Taro was also up to his old tricks and had some great BBQ pork and chicken going on the grill!!

And it was Eri's birthday, too. So she had the birthday sunnies on.

All in all, it was a fantastic day out with friends!! Even the weather came to the party!

CONGRATULATIONS once again Kayo and Ko-chan!!!