Thursday, July 16, 2009

Surf School

The Kamogawa Surfing Club and friends put on a surfing and bodyboarding school for some of the 6th grade kids from Kamogawa Elementary School. There were about 50 kids, the sun was out and the waves small and gentle....perfect for the day!

I got a great buzz from it last year and this year was no different. Seeing the stoke on the children's faces after successfully riding a wave to the beach was priceless. Just glad I could help to make their day and hopefully they got "bitten by the bug" and will be back in the water over summer.

Who knows, there may even be some future pros amongst them!!!

Little beach clean to finish up.


David said...

Impressive numbers. Lovely weather you are having there - inspires me to keep on holding out for summer here ...

J said...

pretty cold in NZ at the moment is it?

Thanks for all your comments. Don't feel obliged to comment on every single one if you can't think of anything :)

It's good for me though 'cos then I know someone is looking :)