Sunday, May 30, 2010

Zero Trash Today!!!

Unfortunately the weather was rainy yesterday and still cold and overcast this morning with a chilly Nor-Easter blowing (surf tomorrow??) which may have been a deterrent for some but there was still a good turn out. When I woke and checked the beach from the balcony I saw a couple of small groups of local older ladies cleaning up. It was still only 8am and the official clean up project wasn't scheduled to start until 10am.

I feared that perhaps the fickle weather was going to put pay to the ambitious project. Aiko and I donned our jackets, got our tongs and hit that spot I came across the other day. It was even worse than I had thought with all sorts of things (lots of it castaway fishing line and ropes from the fishing boats I guess). We did our best and can proudly say that it is far far cleaner than before. However, whenever I looked up there was another plastic bag, PET bottle or cigarette butt a few paces away. It was beginning to feel overwhelming when out of the blue came all the volunteers right on time!
This is just what we picked up but they filled the back of a small truck!! Thanks to everyone who took part and gave up some of their Sunday morning for a worthy cause.

For more pictures of the event see DAVE YAMAYA'S BLOG HERE.

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