Friday, May 14, 2010

A Decade!!!

It's been TEN YEARS to the day since I first laid foot in Japan. It doesn't seem like so long ago since good friend Andy Shannon and I braved the trains and crowds of Tokyo as we battled our way in the humidity with surfboards and our life possessions to a Guest House somewhere just outside Ikebukuro where a friend of a friend had promised to house us until we found our feet ...... only to be greeted by a piece of A4 taped to the door saying "sorry guys, NO ROOM". She eventually showed up and helped us find a place to stay at the Tokyo Youth Hostel in Iidabashi and the rest is history.
Things still amaze me on a daily basis and the spot I've landed in and settled and the friends and family I've made really make me feel at home and comfortable in my surrounds.
Thank you everyone for going out of your way to help in whatever way, big or small, over the years.

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