Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 30th

In Japan, as in the States, the date is written Month/Day/Year as opposed to the British way Day/Month/Year. Anyway, what this means is that May 30th is written 5/30 which in turn can be read an alternative way in Japanese to say GO(5)MI(3)ZERO(0). That translates to ZERO TRASH/RUBBISH/GARBAGE (call it what you like).

It's a very ambitious dream and one that seems nigh on impossible at times when a few people seem completely ignorant of the impact their stray cigarette butts, abandoned coffee cans or polystyrene bento trays can have on the environment and the beauty of nature's playgrounds, while at the same time being naive to the efforts of many to clean it all up!

So, this Sunday, there is an organized Beach Clean going on in Kamogawa starting from 10am at Maebara Beach. Hopefully it raises awareness of the problem that we face and goes some way to achieving the goal, albeit for a day or two only.

For anyone interested in participating and helping out, the organizers can be contacted at;
ph: 04-7092-0086

Today I went out for a walk by the Marina with the intent of enjoying the morning and armed with a bag and tongs to pick up a few butts.On closer inspection, the trash was far worse than I had anticipated. I filled two bags with an array of trash and then came across this!
This is Sunday's task. Wish me luck. Hopefully come Sunday, I will have a couple of helpers so it'll be that much easier.

Remember, you can do your bit too. You don't have to be in Japan or wait until May 30th to have an impact. Take a little bag with you when you walk the dog, go for jog, head down to the beach or wherever and pick it up, take it home and recycle it. It doesn't seem like much but together we can make inroads and help restore our planet to what it was and should be like. Let's do it!

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