Friday, May 7, 2010

Hidden Gems

Ahhh....the serenity....
Up in the hills behind Kamogawa there are several dams and waterways often frequented by fisherman chasing Black Bass. With perfect sunny weather and a little help from some friends we were able to spend the last day of our GW vacation exploring them. Hiroshi from Indian Summer Pension in Kamogawa had shown me some pictures he had taken up there previously, those and some pictures of my sister's family out in their kayaks, piqued our interest and led to our pilgrimage into the hills on a mission. Armed with a Canadian Canoe and a three seater Bic Kayak, six of us were able to get out on the water and enjoy the scenery. It was extremely tranquil and satisfying being able to relax and absorb the nature around us. The only unnerving aspect was when we came across a snake swimming along the bank, only to disappear by the time I had retrieved the camera from the waterproof bag.
(L-R: Mai, Aiko, Aya)
James and Hiroshi

Hiroshi, Junko and Aya in the Canadian Canoe
Without the generosity of CETUS Cafe and Canoe Sports lending us equipment it wouldn't have been possible. They are able to rent out gear or take people on mini tours whenever the shop is open (perfect for those hot sunny flat days when surfing is out of the equation). If anyone is interested they are located next to the Kamogawa Fire Station across from Kids Italian Restaurant on the main street in and out of Kamogawa.Lovely Sunset to cap off a beautiful day