Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kamogawa Mt. Fuji

This trail to the top of Kamogawa's Mt. Fuji was recently re-opened after it had been left to ruin over the years. I'm very grateful to the group of people who put in the effort to open this to the public and wish there were more. There's so much beautiful nature on our doorstep here and yet, unfortunately, a lot of it goes unnoticed and under utilized. Perhaps the local city office could do more to promote these kind of attractions and attract more environmentally minded tourists to these parts. Anyway, I digress...

It's only a couple a kms away from where I live which means that it is super handy. The trail zig-zags it's way to the first lookout winding through a variety of bush and trees with the cedar very prominent in the lower areas with a generous splattering of ferns and wild ginger covering the flooring which makes for a very tranquil setting (once the bleating of the goat that stands guard to the entrance subsides). From there it traverses the ridge, at places only a meter or so wide with very steep embankments falling away on either side, before reaching the summit, a mere 208.7m above sea level but with magnificent views in all directions. From the summit, the track weaves it's way back down on the Hanabusa side where we were met with bamboo, rice paddies and very narrow track on which some brave driver had recently squeezed his kei-truck along.

The trail itself is not overly exerting and doesn't take much more than an hour to complete from one end to the other, but does require some decent shoes. A pair of jandals won't cut the custard I'm afraid and it pays to take a nice cold drink to enjoy at the top as you do manage to work up a bit of a sweat.

Enjoy the photos,
Here's me at the start with the mountain behind me.Aiko walking up through the cedar trees.
Some wildlife on the way up. We were watching for snakes but didn't come across any thank goodness!The first lookout and time for a drink. you can just make out my place in the background by the beach.A few of the trees were blossoming which made for a nice picture. This is from the second lookout.
Me at the top with the signpost for confirmation. Kamogawa Mt. Fuji 208.7m.
Looking back up Nagasa valley toward where the real Mt. Fuji is. I bet on a cool crisp day it would be visible!
The view toward Kameda Hospital and Amatsu.
On the way down.Another beautiful day in Kamogawa comes to an end with the sun setting over the Kamogawa River.

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David said...

Lovely views and scenery. I can see (late) spring is in the air.