Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunday @ Seaside

I've unfortunately been suffering from a cough this last week and thought better of going for a surf until it improves a bit. It didn't stop Aiko though and she was out there. So, with time on my hands, I wandered down the beach and shot a couple of pics. Good to see all the families out there, mums, dads and kids enjoying the waves together.
Aiko stretching before heading out
Catching one of the many lefts/goofys that were gently rolling through.One of my new students running down to the water to catch up with his big sister
Making the late drop after a nice push from dad. No fear! This kids going to grow up and charge I'm sure!After hitting the beach we both had worked up an appetite. (taking photos is hungry work)
We have some coriander that is growing outta control on our balcony so we decided it was Mexican for dinner and we wrapped some soft shell tacos. Lots of lettuce, coriander, chicken mince with onion and mushrooms with taco seasoning, some salsa and a little cheese to top it off.....MMMmmmm.....delicious!!

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