Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NZ has RIGHTS, too!

Famed for corduroy lines and the long lefts of Raglan(pic; the Valley looking out to Indicators. Courtesy of Raglan Surf)

The endless point break, Shipwrecks/Ahipara, from Endless Summer(Pic; first headland, behind are more exposed left points! Courtesy of Surfr)

And the Whangamata Bar at the mouth of the harbour which is controversially being dredged for a new marina(Pic; Occy slotted. Courtesy of Cory Scott, NZ Surfing Mag)

It is often overlooked and forgotten that NZ has RIGHTS, too

(Pic; Above Stent Road in Taranaki, host of the first Women's WCT event in NZ 2010. Below a secret Hawkes Bay rivermouth not to unlike the one I surfed recently in Japan.Courtesy of NZ Surfing Mag)

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