Friday, October 2, 2009

Fried Tofu

Back in June when Dad was visiting, he spotted some dishes that took his fancy. He bought a few various dishes with the same bamboo themed print and left one of them here as a kind of 'bond' between him in NZ and us in Japan.

Last night we put it to use!! We grilled some fried tofu, grated some ginger and topped it off with a touch of soy sauce. I never really liked tofu that much when I first came to Japan and I will always remember one American's take on it "If you close your eyes it's like vanilla ice cream, only there's no flavour and it's not cold".

These days however, I'm a converted fan. Aiko has a number of methods to present tofu and they're all great!!

Thanks for the dish Dad. Have a nice weekend.


David said...

Had some sushi on mine the other day and thought of you both.

Working bee at Silverdale School tomorrow am then up to Liz's for a birthday bbq for Ben's 2nd b'day in the pm.

Hope to get to the beach with Liz later in the week for her birthday.



J said...

party party party!! enjoy yourself!