Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy (last) Sunday!

Jun was the instigator for this particular BBQ as he has been busy all summer with surf lessons most weekends morning and afternoon. The call was made a week out and as luck would have it, kids were all genki and the sun was shining. We BBQ'd at a spot overlooking the beach and marina in May with lots of grass for the kids to run around and play on which was great and so this was the location of Sunday's BBQ too.
A chilly bin full of ice cold beers and Alex's Vietnamese bottle opener that had been hiding in the picnic bag mum gave us.
Jun prepping the lamb chops and setting them on the BBQ!!
Jun's lamb chops rival anything I've ever eaten! Let alone off a BBQ!! Somehow I managed to get my hands on the plate and sample the first one!!! They were so juicy. If you're in town and like lamb, you have to request Jun to whip some of these up.
Of course lamb chops weren't the only things we ate. Here's Jun and Miwa's boy, Yashi, chowing down on some fresh corn. Dave had a bunch of marinated chicken he had prepared as well as okra wrapped in thinly sliced pork. Shinya made some awesome Tandori pork and chicken. Kumika had some okra and bacon lined up as well as some potato, onion, bacon and cheese wrapped in tin foil. Etsuko and Miwa made some salads. And Aiko and I brought some steaks and a bunch of squid and some sausages.

Below is Etsuko and Mahina, relaxing in the shade until the heat came out of the sun for her to play on the grass.
Check Dave's blog (link) for a slide show of the BBQ and some classic photos.

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