Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kenji Sasahara

Great chef and all round good guy Kenji Sasahara, a long time friend of ours, features here in a short clip made by another friend, Alex (the wandering Aussie), during his stay in Kamogawa several years back.
Ken-san runs Donya restaurant, now situated behind Kameda Hospital at the North end of Kamogawa, with his wonderful wife Masami and two kids Kaho and Hiromi. He makes an assortment of killer dishes ranging from fresh local Sashimi, Avocado and Tuna Sushi Rolls and Deep Fried Oysters to Hawaiian-style Poke Salads, Pork Cutlets, Teriyaki Chicken and Smoked Cheese done on the smoker out back.
The guy is always up at the crack of dawn and hitting the surf. He's so much fun to share waves with and rips too!!
He's also super keen on doing a trip to NZ sometime and surfing the famous lefts of Raglan among other spots. I hope one day I'll be able to show him the ropes and cruise the NZ coastline for a bit together. Until then we'll both be putting our coins in jars as we save for the ticket!!!
Thanks always for everything Ken


Mum said...

They would be very welcome in NZ and I can verify that the food is great.

J said...

Actually, when I mentioned the acquisition of your new camper van and the possibility of us renting it cheap off you for a week or so, his eyes lit up!

David said...

This was where we dined for James' birthday dinner this year. Great food and great restaurant.

Cool video!! Go Ken-san! I too would love to see you in NZ.

Lucky Al said...

thanks james, i got a bit of ken-san cooking in his kitchen and serving a meal up i'll post soon too.