Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Post Typhoon Surf

The typhoon passed us by in the early evening and then the off shore winds went to work grooming the surf to perfection. This is a picture taken by Taro from Grace (link on the side) showing fine form at Seaside. There weren't many out and it was super fun. Taro got a couple of good ones and Dave's friend Hoptong, visiting from Hawaii, put on a clinic. Ken-san from Donya was loving the lefts and a couple of girls, Nako-chan and Reika, got some good ones on their bodyboards. Other than that it was just me, Oguri-san and local surf legend Miki Kawaii, 60 and still going strong.
Jun came down later and we went out a second time before work. Got fried to a crisp!! and was feeling it by 8pm with 2 classes to go.

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