Friday, September 4, 2009

Rob Machado Photos

One of the most recognizable faces and influential guys for surfers on the planet....R.M.
Checking out the line up at Maruki before paddling out above and pulling a high speed backside floater on a right below.
Rob did numerous on rail cutbacks with grace and power and always hit the end section which made for great viewing for the huge gallery on the beach.
Rob doing the run around into the strong cross shore wind above and a pic of Hiroe (pro surfer) and me watching the action live. Lots of friends had come down to the beach with rumors floating around of Taylor Steele coming to town to film Rob's surfing.
Another high line top turn and below, smacking the lip!! SICK!!!
It was a pleasure to watch his surfing and inspiring, too. Just a shame the waves were a bit inconsistent and the swell had dropped from the morning. Still, good times and I was lucky to have stumbled upon the opportunity to see him surf in person.

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