Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I was feeling a bit jaded yesterday after surfing all morning and had a craving for some Kimchi, a spicy Korean delicacy, and not just any Kimchi. I needed the BEST!! I was on the phone to my student and friend Yukio whose mother has a little Kimchi shop down in Wada. (pic: Me & Yukio last summer) She makes the killer Kimchi using a variety of vegetables and even flowers!! The Nanohana Kimchi is a must try in the spring, but my favorite is the Shredded Daikon. It is the BUSINESS!! Aiko likes the Cubed Daikon and the Hakusai, or Chinese cabbage, is always good, too. It went down a treat last night at dinner time. Thanks a lot Yukio. You're Da MAN!!

If you're ever in Wada or passing through and you like Kimchi, you have got to try this place. Here's a map. From the North (Kamogawa) traveling South down Route 128, turn right at the traffic lights just past the Lawson convenience store and cross the railway tracks. It's a small shop set back from the street a little about 50m on the left.

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