Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yatta!! Wheels!!

Finally laid down the cash and picked up my new ride!!
Toyota Estima Aeras (T-Model) 2400

Super stoked and far and away the nicest car I've ever owned!! Plenty of space to lay down the back seats for camping/surf trip, to transport the hula team to there events or to pick up my friends/family and their kids from the airport.


David said...

Looks very nice. May you have much enjoyment from it.

I have just started 3 weeks holiday at the beach, and had two great days fishing.

I'll email the pics when I get a chance.

Bruce said...

I bet you don't have to turn the heat up inside so it doesn't overheat the engine. The days of the Subaru must seem a long time ago now!

Looks great!

J said...

Yeah, thanx mate. Hopefully it'll be a good while before I have to resort to that. Mind you, I won't be towing any surfboats anywhere soon.

Drives like a dream.