Monday, January 11, 2010

From Tomoko

This is a Christmas card I received from a student of mine, Tomoko. She really loves her art and has quite a talent as you can see. She has entered competitions to design the city logo as well as designing a memorial T-shirt for one of the local elementary schools before it merged to form Nagasa School. I was super happy to find it in my post box and really appreciate the extra effort she went to to decorate the envelope.

Thanks Tomoko!
Keep up the great effort with your art and studies in 2010!!


Tomoko said...

Thank you for putting my envelope on your blog.
Ⅰam pleased to see it. I would like send you my envelope again.
Please let me know your new address.

anyway,this year's goal is to keep
my house clean.

J said...

Thanks for your comment Tomoko. I'll give you my new address next time we meet.

Good luck with your New Year's goal :)