Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter Vacation, X'mas & NY...

This year's winter vacation was action packed from the get go. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and today it's back to work. It'll be good to catch up with all the students and hear what they got up to over the break.

As for me, they say a picture tells a thousand words and I took a thousand pictures!!! You do the math!!! The following is a summary of events...(I tried to keep it short...hahaha)

Mt Fuji across Tokyo Bay
The "Nozomi" Shinkansen (Bullet Train)
Lunch on arrival. Hiroshima style "Okonomiyaki"
Hiroshima CastleThe A-Bomb Dome Hiroshima City lights showing the Trams running down the center of the street.
Wild deer greet Aiko as she disembarks the ferry to Miyajima
Itsukushima-jinja Torii, or "Floating" Torii, classified as one of the top three best views in Japan Miyajima is also famous for it's oysters!!

Osaka and Kobe
Aiko and her Grandmother about to eat in Korean Town in downtown Osaka
Nene-chan, my niece, and Aiko in Kobe
Me in front of the Kobe Port Tower. Kobe's waterfront resembles Yokohama a lot and even has a Chinatown, too.

Moving House
The new place
Above, the living room before we moved our stuff in. Below, me trying to figure out where everything will go!!A huge thank you to everyone that helped with the move. Without your help it would've been so much harder. Thanks especially to Komori-san and family, Shinya, Sei and the Nakashima family.

New Year
Sei and Aiko watching the New Year sunrise from the balcony
The first sunrise of 2010
This year's New Year coincided with a full moon and we were able to see the moon as it set over the hills from the back balcony.

Snowboarding @ Kawaba Ski Resort
All photos courtesy of Dave and Shu.
Perfect conditions!!! Blue skies and powder!!!Getting ready to hit the slopesEtsuko, Dave, Shinya and Me at the top
Me making my way down The crew after a superb day of boarding. (back) Shinya and Shu (front) Me, Dave and our host Motoki Ushiyama who runs a pro snowboard school and scored us deals on lift passes. Thanks everyone for a fantastic day!!!

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Betsy said...

Hello. I used to train on the same international snowboard team as Motoki Ushiyama. I have lost contact with him. I am concerned for his and his family's safety in light of what has happened in Japan. What a terrible, terrible tragedy. Do you have any contact with him?