Tuesday, January 19, 2010

House Party

We had some friends around for dinner and a few drinks on Sunday. It was our chance to 'break-in' the new place. Our new place is far more user friendly as far as having friends come visit. There's plenty of parking out front and a swimming pool which the kids will dig in summer I'm sure!

Thanks to everyone that came and all the fantastic food and drinks.

Ko-chan, seated with the yellow cap, is a chef at the hotel where we married and whipped up a couple of really good dishes including some A-5 grade (the top in Japan) Roast Beef!!!!!

Yashi, Jun's boy, is 2 later this month and was running around exploring all evening. He's such a cool kid and fun to hang out with. I can only imagine what my sister's boy, Ben, is like.....a ball of mischief, energy and laughs if Yashi is anything to go by.

Since the first party went so well, I'm looking forward to #2.....bring it on!

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