Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Passport

Finally had a free Monday which wasn't a public holiday, so it was into Chiba and the Immigration Office to transfer my Visa stamps from the old passport to the new one. Apparently it is quite a simple process simply requiring both passports and your 'Alien Registration' card issued by the local City Office. However, if you've ever dealt with Japanese Governmental Offices, they're much like anywhere else and often spring a surprise on you. This time though I must've been lucky as it went very smoothly.

I have to say a HUGE thank you to Ko-chan and Kayo for lending me there car. I'm still without wheels but not for much longer!!!!

This was one sweet (hybrid) ride!!!

We also swung by Ikea, a furniture outlet, to check dining tables and clocks, as well as Costco, an American food warehouse in Makuhari, where we picked up a few treats.

Blueberry muffins with my morning coffee today.....Mmm, I could eat these everyday....

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Alex said...

what about a case of coopers?