Monday, September 5, 2011

Kanpei-san in Kamogawa Event

Kanpei san is a Japanese comedian in his early 60s that circumnavigated the globe, sailing and running. It took him a fair while and right in the middle of it all he was diagnosed with cancer. He took a little time out, had treatment for it and then continued with his quest. When he completed the Earth Race it was extra special given the ordeal he had been through.
Anyway, when Kanpei left Japan, sailing for USA, he cast off from the Kamogawa Marina in front of the condominium where I live. He returned recently, giving a presentation as well as unveiling a sign to remember his feat. The city threw a party of sorts and had tents selling beer, food and more beer, as well as a stage where the girls entertained us with their Hula and Tahitian dancing. They then had a special fireworks display with hand held fireworks that was pretty impressive and must have singed some eyebrows to wrap the day up. Good times had by all!
 Sunrise from my living room with the marina in the foreground.
 Tents going up in the morning in preparation for the big event.
 Saori dancing Tahitian.
 Aiko getting set up.
 Luana Hula
 Luana Hula Keiki (kids)
 Luana Hula
A young woman holding her fireworks fearlessly with style.

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