Monday, August 22, 2011

The Coromandel: Hot Water Beach!

Surf wise, this was THE DAY! We got up super early and hit the road again. Driving past the iconic L&P bottle in Paeroa it was still almost dark. Having heard there was a pumping bank at the north of Hot Water Beach on the low tide from a local up that way, we decided to skip Whangamata and the crowds and head to the more secluded northern Coromandel beaches.
Stopping only in Tairua at the bakery for a custard square, a pie and an ice coffee, we made good time. Half way up Pumpkin Hill is the Twin Kauri Reserve where we stopped briefly for a quick history lesson and photo then down to Sailor's Grave to check what swell was on offer. The sun was just rising and the sky was perfect clear blue with a light off shore breeze feathering the lips of a nice consistent clean ground swell. Perfect!!

It was hard to leave, but with the promised land just around the corner we all jumped back in the car and drove the remaining 25 minutes or so to our destination. There were already about half a dozen cars in the car park and a bunch of campers with there spades heading down the beach to dig out their own little hot pool. Wetsuits on, sunscreen on, fins in and boards waxed, we hit the beach running!

 The overview of Hot Water Beach looking to the northern corner where we surfed a really good left.

 Campers and tourists digging their hot pools at low tide which fill with natural hot spring water from springs right beneath.

 Ken putting in his fins and enjoying the grassy car park.

 Shinya getting set and about to farewell his jandal, R.I.P. wherever you may be.

 The beautiful walk up the secluded beach.

 Shinya post surf and grinning ear to ear.

 Me, knackered, but stoked after surfing cranking waves non-stop all morning.

 Ken caught so many lefts he ended up halfway down the beach. Hahaha.

The swim area at the southern end of Hot Water Beach patrolled by the lifeguards over the summer months has a little store with ice creams, snacks and drinks for the hungry and parched.

This photo was one taken 2 weeks later and the banks were still perfect!


David & Kumi said...

That beach looks fantastic

J said...

Amazing with natural hot springs coming up through the sand at low tide. Just need a spade and Bob's your uncle!