Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kamogawa Matsuri

JapanNew ZealandBig weekend coming up. The Rugby World Cup kicks off in NZ this Friday and hosts New Zealand are in the same pool as Japan and will play each other in my hometown, Hamilton Sept 16th, 8pm (NZT)

Kamogawa (Chiba Pref) Matsuri 2010. Photo: James Gibson.
There is also a Matsuri Festival in Kamogawa this Saturday and Sunday. This year the portable shrines will gather on the grassy area in front of the condo where I live on the Saturday night. It's always a good time and a great chance to get to know all the locals in your neighborhood. Unfortunately, I'll miss Saturday due to work commitments, but I'm looking forward to Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Good opening night and game. Go All Blacks!! Mum

J said...

I've been following all the video highlights on the RWC site! Looks fun to be in NZ right now!