Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Matsuri Photos from Sept 11th

Day 2 and I was free and able to join the fun. I was given the responsibility of being one of the drivers of the Dashi (kind of float). Usually this is reserved to special families with a long history with the shrine and community, so it was a real honour. This was the third year I had been given the opportunity. Guiding the Dashi through some of the narrow back streets can be challenging at best. Fortunately, the day passed without a hitch. The kids (and adults) playing the 'taiko' drums did fantastically as did the veteran flutists keeping the music flowing right through the day with a great showing in front of the station. Well done and otsukaresamadeshita to all those involved!
 Tabi, traditional Japanese footwear is a must!
 Kumano Shrine Torii

 Local kids dressed in Matsuri attire.
 Aiko and I
 Starting out with Hirota-san and I at the helm.
 Break time in the shade with support vehicle and drinks!
 Kawana-san and I
 Keiko lending a hand. ARIGATOU!!
 Koa and me @ Kamogawa Station

 Nakashima Family
 Good fun times
 Tanaka Family
 Kumano and Sanno meet
 Nao, Misato and Aiko
 Aiko and I
 K-chan and Ai-chan
 J and K-chan
 Takashi-kun, Nima-chan and me
Full Moon on a beautiful night!

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