Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sunday, May 29th @ Seaside Kamogawa

 Typhoon #2 was on the radar this weekend. I was up at the crack of dawn (first time in awhile) and down at the beach checking the waves, hoping for some increase in size. It wasn't to be, but there were fun lefts and rights at Seaside and hardly anyone out in the overcast drizzly conditions, so good friend Dave and I went out for a surf. Toshizou-san was shooting some pictures and got this one of me going right (above) and sent it to me. Thank you Toshizou! (check his photo blog in the links on the right or click HERE).
Then Dave called it a day, paddled in and took some photos and got one of me going left by the tetras in front of Nonkey Surf Shop (below). Thanks Dave. Big Mahalo as always!! (check his blog on the right or click HERE)

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