Thursday, June 2, 2011

Monday, May 30th @ Kakou, Kamogawa

 I was up at the crack of dawn once again in anticipation of some good surf. The wind was all wrong on this coast and there still wasn't a lot of swell coming in. A friend called and said he had the day off and was keen to drive over the inside (Uchibo Coast) of Tokyo Bay where there are a few hidden gems that occasionally light up. However, today was not the day and after a quick paddle at Iwai we made the call to head back.

We took a little detour via Tateyama and bought some homemade sausages from a German sausage shop, ABEND ESSEN, near the SDF Helicopter base for dinner later that evening then raced back to Kakou point in Kamogawa.

Dave Yamaya and Toshiya 'KERIS' Moriyama were taking photos. Hyota and Kazuki, Hiroki kun, Hiroe and Nako chan were just coming in as we paddled out. Jun was already out and Yukio soon joined us. It was super fun. The water was warm, sets were head high and it was offshore! Even the sun poked it's head out from time to time.

 Thanks to Dave and Keris for taking these photos and leaving me with a great memoir of the day.
Photo: Keris
Photo: Dave
Photo: Keris
Photo: Dave
Shinya! Photo: Dave
 The homemade German sausages went down a treat! All types of varieties. I especially liked the ゴマチーズ (sesame seed and cheese) as well as the ワサビソーセージ (wasabi) ones.
Sei was busy in the kitchen, too and whipped up a couple of great tasting dishes and 玄米 (genmai) rice. It was almost a shame that the day had to end. Thanks for the good times everyone!

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