Tuesday, July 13, 2010


About a month ago, we celebrated the completion on 10 years since I opened the school where I work in Kamogawa. It's been amazing to see the growth in the school itself and the students, too, some of whom have grown from pre-pubescent elementary school students to successful University graduates. It hasn't always been plain sailing and there have been numerous developments along the way we as we strive to find the best curriculum and teaching techniques to enable students to reach their potentials. It's gone from scratch back in 2000 to a point where we now have two native teachers employed full-time, a Japanese manager and several other Japanese teachers that teach supplementary lessons. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of creating this fun and successful work and learning environment!

As a founding teacher it was a kind of personal accomplishment to have worked 10 years here in Japan. As such, my wife and I decided to hit up a local restaurant, Wasabi. It opened about a year or so ago I guess and every time we go past the parking is FULL!

Then menu is very extensive with a focus on seafood dishes. Aiko in particular loved the Namero(?) (diced 'Aji' or Horse Mackerel). We also had a Tempura teishoku (set), some Tofu and fried Shirasu (like small whitebait) salad and some Katsuo (bonito) sashimi salad.

There is so much more on the menu I want to try. I'll have to go back again sometime soon with some friends so we can explore what there is to offer in more detail.


Anonymous said...

Book a table for us when we come!! It looks delicious.

J said...

will do!