Monday, July 12, 2010

Congratulations SPAIN!!!

(image courtesy of Getty images and FIFA.COM)
Spain managed to outlast the Netherlands in a game of marathon proportions with the game tied nil-nil until the dying moments of extra time to claim what is their first ever Soccer World Cup!! They were deserved winners in my opinion(despite some rather weak presence in the tackle ball area...'diving'? or playing to ref? Enough to get under the dutch skin anyway) with some crisp football and the wealth of possession. The Netherlands can hold their heads up high and be proud but were just never really able to find that cohesion that had got them to the Final.

I know at least one happy camper (a student of mine) as he swept the pool at his hotel where he works and gets the kitty to himself. A nice little 'bonus' I'm sure.

As for me, it signals a return to a more normal sleeping pattern as these late nights/early mornings have been wrecking havoc with me and my energy levels.

Here's hoping that both NZ and Japan get to qualify in 4 years time for the Fifa World Cup 2014!

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