Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer is coming!

Finally the end to the 'RAINY' season is in sight! The city has been cleaning up the beach front, clipping hedges, mowing lawns, trimming the palm trees, etc in anticipation of the hordes of visitors that come when summer officially kicks off on Marine Day, July 20th.
Here's the crew in front of my place working hard in the heat! (check out the old codger in the top right of the picture taking a not so subtle leak in plain view for all to see...something you'd get arrested for in NZ)
The freshly cut grass, trimmed palm trees and blue skies. It's hard to get motivated to don a suit and tie and head off to work at times like this.
The pool at our mansion has been cleaned and is awaiting filling. Pool party and BBQ this weekend permitting.

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