Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Health Check Tomorrow

In Japan, companies are obliged to pay for their staff to undertake annual health checks which is pretty good really as most people probably wouldn't bother if it were left to them.

The degree of detail varies but in most cases they measure your height, your weight, calculate your BMI (fat %), take blood pressure and a sample for testing, take a chest x-ray, urine sample, and check your hearing and eyesight as well as a short counselling session to discuss aspects of your lifestyle and answer any queries you may have.

Once you turn 35 the fun really starts (as I'm about to find out).

I have to take a stool sample (kind instructions included, even detailing how to sit) and drinking the dreaded Valium, a white liquid form, which runs through your stomach as they tip you upside down and all around while strapped/holding on to a flat table like surface and if you have to drink some more!! Oh yeah, and I can't eat from 8pm the night prior until it's all done at about noon the following day.

Wish me luck


David said...

just saw this. hope you survived ok!!

J said...

yeah, no probs