Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sea Kayak

The waves have been small for awhile now and so when we got a call from a friend to go sea kayaking on the Uchibou coast north of Tateyama in Tokyo Bay we jumped at it.Aiko loading the 3-seater kayak on the car (thanks Cetus for letting us use it)Indian Summer's Indiana Jones (Hiroshi) unloading his car with our destination, the island, in the background.Disembarking for a little island exploring. There was an abandoned building and extensive ladders and bridges around the rocky foreshore which fisherman must've used to get to their best spots over the years. Good fishing here I imagine with a little oyster farm in the secluded bay. After a quick look around and an onigiri to fuel the fire we were back on the water where we circumnavigated the island before heading back.
Time for a quick spot of fishing on the way back. Aiko reeled in a fish with her first cast before the sinker would have even hit the bottom!! Unfortunately our luck didn't continue in that fashion and time was against us, so it was back to the shore where we loaded up the cars and made our way back. Right near where we launched the kayaks was this "earth" home which has featured in several house designer books and was very interesting so I stopped and took a pic. Thanks Hiroshi for a great time!


David said...

What a lovely spot. Looks like a great day.

Did you eat the fish?

J said...

yeah! Awesome fun paddling around. Much better than moping around the house complaining about small surf..haha

Anonymous said...

Well done Aiko! It looks an awesome place and great photos. Mum