Friday, June 25, 2010


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New Zealand bowed out in a very distinguished manner early this morning defying critics who had questioned their worthiness at the cup by registering their third successive draw and ending the tournament undefeated, only the fourth team in history to do so. It was inspiring to one and all to see a team with spirit and belief so great and perhaps an unrivaled passion and humility so often missing from some of the top tier teams as evidenced in the French and Italian camps at this W.C.

Congratulations to the boys on their results and their Mana. They did the country proud and I hope that New Zealand will go out of their way to welcome them home as the local heroes and great ambassadors they are. Soccer NZ is in a great place and with any luck can use this to catapult themselves to a more credible standing within the world soccer fraternity and gain more international fixtures for fans and players alike as well as opening more doors for young exciting talent emerging through the youth development programs.

As for now, I'll be focusing my allegiance on my adopted country, Japan, which have shown many of the great fighting traits evident in the All Whites performances. Japan played exceptionally well in dispatching the Danes this morning and young striker, Keisuke Honda, is fast becoming the next cult hero for soccer fans here.


(Picture from 2006 WC)

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David said...

Another late night! Very heartwarming to see out boys do so well. I agree with all you wrote.