Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunrise & BBQ

I was up early the other day for Japan's final pool game in the WC in which they dispatched of Denmark with style. Awesome sunrise with pink skies reflecting across the bay. Let's hope Japan can do one better than NZ against Paraguay tonight!!

Good friend, Jun, and I have birthdays about a week apart so, we more often than not, we combine for a little BBQ and some celebratory beers with friends. He cooked up some of my favourites, lamb chops! These guys are to die for!! I don't know anyone who does these better. Fact!
Sunny was salivating as the smells wafted his way and he waited patiently for any bones or bits tossed his way.
Dave's surfboard sponsor recently got back from a sales trip and bought a souvenir in when he popped in to work to pick up his boy. Thanks Taro! These little crabs were really good! I was a little hesitant at first but after tasting one there was no stopping me.

Dave and I enjoying the crab snacks above and one of the little fellas about to meet his maker below.
Jun's boy Yashi is really growing up fast and is so much fun to hang out with. He has the same mischievous look in his eye as his father and a contagious laugh that brings smiles to everyone's faces.
Once the sun set the kids got to bust out the fireworks under close supervision from Jun and Toshiyuki which made the day for the little ones and was a great way to wrap things up.A huge thanks/mahalo to all those that came and bought mouth watering food for the grill, salad and beers, etc and to Aiko for the killer Cheese Cake she spent the previous night baking after a very long day at work. It was super delicious.


David said...

Cheesecake - did someone say cheesecake? Watch out you don't put on weight ...

J said...

can't have mum thinking I'm fading away over here on a diet of sushi

Anonymous said...

I thought the lamb chops looked darn good and the crabs. Yum. Glad to see a few calories being consumed.Mum