Thursday, June 24, 2010

Celebrating 35 years

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, phone calls and presents that I received over the last few days. I was kindly reminded by friends, both based in Germany and in NZ, that I was entering my "mid" 30s, as if that were to signal some kind of change (downhill?), but as my father rightly pointed out on the phone the other day, the All Whites, who are punching well above their weight in the Soccer World Cup, have a 36-year-old holding down the all important mid-field role! I'm confident that this will be another fantastic year and looking forward to enjoying this 36th year of my life and all that it brings with it. To kick things off My wife and I enjoyed a very laid back day at home, snuck in a quick surf, then dined on the balcony with a homegrown salad, a big fat steak and an ice cold is good!

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