Monday, August 22, 2011

Obon Vacation

Usually at this time of year I'm packing up the car with camping gear and surfboards and heading off on a mission to find waves either in Fukushima, Miyagi or Iwate in the north of Japan. However, following the disaster in March and the nuclear fallout that has affected much of the area we decided to stay closer to home.
A picture of a semi secret river mouth up north that can get super super good on it's day taken in the summer of 2009.

Early on there was a low pressure system forming that looked as though it may develop into a tropical depression or even a typhoon which would've brought us plenty of swell and homegrown entertainment. It wasn't to be though, and instead it's been pretty small right throughout the week meaning the old single fin long board got dusted off and paddled around. The weather was pretty good though, so at least the BBQs got a good workout.

 Synchronized BBQing above and below with Shinya @ Hokuto and Tomoko's captured by Dave Yamaya.
A fun little peeler at Seaside in Kamogawa (photo: Dave Yamaya)

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