Saturday, August 6, 2011

A new phone and Soba

Well, it happened. My cell phone for the last 4 years finally gave up the ghost. It had been through a lot, dropped numerous times, traveled to Hawaii, NZ, Australia and around Japan and kept coming back for more. It died peacefully with a nice blacked out screen. The result, I lost all my data (numbers, mail addresses, etc). So, it's a good chance to spring clean and start over. And this is what I got..
The new(ish) white iPhone 4 smart phone. The number is the same as before as is my mail address. If you read this and want to be back in my contacts, please mail me your number and include your name. Arigatougozaimasu!

Being a Softbank customer, I had to go all the way down to Tateyama to sort out all the phone crap. On the way down I stopped at a Soba restaurant in Emi on Route 128. The Zaru Soba Set was ¥900 and was super delicious, just what we felt like. Check it out if you're going past, I recommend it.

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