Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shinjuku-Harajuku-Yoyogi Koen-Aoyama

This is a basic overview of how the rest of the day panned out.
 In Tokyo you can see all types of fashion from the conservative salary man approach to this kid with orange hair (partly obscured by my wife...I was too slow on the shutter).
 A Japanese 'HOTEL' offering a lot of various plans from the 100min special to overnight stays.
 Amongst all the fashion shops, pachinko parlours, bars, Starbucks and electrical stores I found this Violin and Cello shop.
 This is the East Entrance of Shinjuku JR station...during a lull. It was twice as busy later on.
 Oh the joys of riding the JR Yamanote Line trains. Glad I'm tall and have my own space. The short guys get a waft of everyone else's armpits.
 A group of friends from various nationalities enjoy Hula Hoops and juggling in Yoyogi Park in Central Tokyo (although you'd never know).

 Some kind of mating ritual dance. Numbers don't add up???
 Tired shoppers, Aiko, Sei and Hiroko needed a wee rest.
 Skateboarding dogs
 Pampered pets in prams
 BMX tricksters
 The burger of death! 10 patties with cheese for only 1,400 yen for real men and a half version for the pussies. Shinya sizing it up but deciding better of it.
 This one is for my Step-Father, a cycling enthusiast.
 Las Chicas (sp?) in Aoyama. The staff here didn't speak Japanese!! Very cool courtyard and bar for dining and parties in one of the nicer suburbs of Tokyo.
 Cheers to a long, but enjoyable day!!
 Watch out Nachos, Hiroko is coming to get ya!
 Great company
 Tuff Man!? I reckon I could take him anytime!
 Shinjuku at night.
The pleasant view from our cramped 10th floor business hotel room. Still, can't complain too much as it was cheap as chips!

Anyway, that was my Tokyo fix for the next couple of years. Good times, but good to be back home!


Anonymous said...

The fancy dogs reminded me of being in Kyoto at 3.00pm when the ladies took their dogs for the daily walk.Mum

J said...

They do like to spoil them, don't they?