Thursday, July 28, 2011

R.I.P. Analogue TV

The date for change has been creeping ever closer and closer and was suddenly upon us this past Sunday. At 12 noon, the switch was flicked and analogue TV came to a peaceful end. There was not much trumpeting of this going on, but one or two of the channels here did a little recap of the history of TV here in Japan and a countdown. Fortunately for us, we updated our old dilapidated TV to one of the new Sharp Aquos LED digital TVs several months ago (and never looked back). There's been an ongoing campaign to raise awareness (as in other countries), but I'm sure some people would've been caught out. It also means that the TV on our car Navi is now defunct (not that we ever watched it anyway).
 10, 9, 8, ....
The 'blue' screen that now appears on analogue TVs

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