Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lucky Day

The weather was picture perfect and there weren't many people about, but the waves were small so I decided to go down to SURF SHOP BLOOM and rent the stand up paddle board to cruise on. Maki was there and gave me a hand to get it all sorted and then I was off. I headed down past seaside and Toshizou-san was taking pictures of some surfers there and took one of me as I cruised past.

When I got down to the Grand Hotel I came across a stingray, probably about 1.5m wing span, and followed him down the coast another 100-200m before I lost him (or he lost me). The waves were starting to take shape so instead of continuing down to Maruki as I had planned, I found a spot by myself and tried catching a few. Good thing there wasn't anybody about as those boards are big and hard to maneuver. However, the paddle cracked as I paddled into one and so after putting it back together in a makeshift manner I slowly made my way back to return the board. It just so happened that another friend had just finished diving for the day and he gave me a couple of abalone (ありがとう!).

I went home dropped them off, picked up my longboard and went for a surf at seaside with good friend Ken from DONYA. We traded waves for a while with next to nobody around and had so much fun. The water was so warm there was no need for wetties, too. That evening, I went to Ken's restaurant and he prepared the abalone. One was sashimi and the other was cooked in a garlic butter sauce.

Abalone Sashimi

Garlic Butter Abalone & chef @ DONYA

DONYA's new drink menu & kimchee

A near perfect day! Thanks to EVERYBODY that made it so!!!!

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