Thursday, July 7, 2011

JUN's 40th

One of my great friends here in Japan, JUN, turned 40 recently. The weather was picture perfect and the grill was brought out to celebrate BBQ style!! We usually celebrate our birthdays at the same time as they fall within a week or so of each other along with another friend's daughter. This year was special though.
Aiko made a special lei for Jun and Kona from locally grown fresh flowers and a bunch of good friends came over with food and drinks. There were lamb chops, tandori chicken drumsticks, high-grade beef, lots of sausages, spam musabi, soba and somen, hormone (intestines), snacks and salads galore. A feast fit for a 40th celebration!
A huge Mahalo for everyone taking the time to join us and bring bits and pieces for the grill making the day so enjoyable.
 Beautiful handmade leis
 BBQ getting outta control
 Birthday boy playing with the kids on the 'Slackline'
 The ladies and babies
Last ones standing


dave said...

dont you mean sitting?

J said...

well, almost standing. It was getting late and we did start early.