Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween Wrap

This was how we kicked things off, with a Halloween Party/Lesson at work for the kids.
All the staff that made things possible and had things running smoothly from start to finish.
Dave put his Mad Hatter costume together from scratch! It looked pretty damn fine on the day and all the stitching held together fine. Some of the kids weren't quite up with the play, but the adults were all mighty impressed. I'll have to start putting the thinking cap on much earlier than this year as he keeps raising the bar in regard to the standard of costumes!!
Next up was Aiko's birthday. This is a cake friends of hers made. ALOHA
We made a little Pinata filled with candies for the kids to smash and grab. There were about 15 or so kids in total so you had to be quick in order to avoid walking away empty handed!
Good friend, Shinya, had some wild boar that a hunter friend of his had caught locally. He made up a couple of different marinades and we cooked it up on the BBQ. One of the young boys couldn't get enough of it. He was over the kids games and was parked up with the men by the BBQ waiting eagerly to be offered another piece hot off the grill. Classic! Welcome to the team Ibuki-kun
Happy Halloween = Happy Birthday

Tinkerbell from work is a bit of an artist. She made these decorated cookies, each one an original design! They looked and tasted awesome and were a big hit with one and all.
In the evening, a few gathered back at our place for a few more drinks and we donned costumes for the occasion.

Halloween 2010 will be remembered for a good while. Thanks to everyone who shared the fun and games with us and made the effort to get in the spirit. See you all again in 2011!

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Anonymous said...

I'd be with the child at the BBQ. It looks good! The whole party looked a lot of fun and yes David's costume and Aiko's were the best.