Saturday, November 27, 2010

Beef Tongue!

A student of mine brought this back from Sendai, where it is the local delicacy (imported all the way from NZ no less!), as a souvenir. The last time they went up north they also bought back some really delicious sweets and I had (tongue in cheek - no pun intended) asked them to bring some beef tongue back the next time they were up that way.
When I was eating it I remembered my Grandad, Jim. When I lived on a farm in my youth he used to always request the tongue whenever we had livestock killed and we happily gave it to him thinking we were well rid of it. How things change.
Anyway, I think I owe them a thing or two from when I next visit NZ.
Thank you so much!


Anonymous said...

When I cooked them, I boiled them and pressed them into a mould. This looks quite different.

J said...

Yep. these are sliced (thicker than the supermarket cuts), have a slight miso marinade and are lightly salted. I cooked them in a fry pan but would go good on the BBQ, too.